News in Otto 5.4

Social Media integrations

We have started adding social media integrations to Otto, which means you can publish posts from Otto directly to your social media pages. We have started with adding Twitter and LinkedIn integrations for our B2B clients. Our aim is to continuously add more integrations such as Facebook and Google in the coming months.

To use social media integrations, go to Campaigns -> Social media and add your social media accounts to your Otto account.

The posting to social media works in a similar fashion to our Newsletters function, you add your post and content, select when you want it to be published and save your post. Otto will then automatically publish the post when you want it to be published and continuously fetch stats for your posts after it has been published.

When you publish a link to a social media, Otto will convert this link to a redirect and automatically track it using the Otto tracker, which also means you can apply Volley Marketing to your social media posts the same way you do with any newsletter links.

If you need help configuring your websites for sharing on social media, we’ve written a blog post about this:

New menu

Otto has gotten a whole new look with our new sidebar menu, almost everything is still in the same order, but a completely new look. Settings and Contacts has been moved out of their sub menus and are now independent icons in the menu. We wanted to create vertical space in Otto and get the menu out of the work-space for our users, so we settled on a sidebar menu that folds out horizontally. We realize there will be a adjustment period, but give it a chance and see how it feels.

Create landing pages from Newsletters

You can automatically generate landing pages from your Newsletters in Otto now. Otto will attempt to duplicate the newsletter and convert it into a landing page. To do this, go into edit a newsletter and press Create landingpage.

Otto feedback program

If you are one of our users, you can join the Otto feedback program. It is created by our developers to learn more about how and why you use Otto. We will publish a new survey every month or so and it takes about 30 seconds to fill out but will help us a lot, based on the answers given in the surveys  we will know how to continue developing Otto.

Click here to sign up for Otto feedback program

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